Radersburg, a boom mining town from the early 1860's, one of the first in the Montana Territory, has a unique history of true Western charm. From a dignified county seat of Jefferson County as well as a rough mining camp in 1869 with a population of 1000, it developed and boomed by rich mines opening on all sides.

Radersburg received its name from the founder, Reuben Rader, and is located 13 miles from Toston on Crow Creek, the former hunting grounds of the Crow Indians evidenenced by the tepee (tipi) rings, buffalo jumps and artifacts still being found in the area. In 1865 when Jefferson County was formed, Reuben Rader was appointed one of its first county commissioners.

(the above was excerpted from the Broadwater Bygones and was written by Ellsie Ralls).

Radersburg has an annual Radersburg Celebration. In 2013 Radersburg Days celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Radersburg Schoolhouse. The historic Radersburg Schoolhouse was in use from 1913 through 1966 and hundreds of local children passed through the 2 room schoolhouse. When the Radersburg and Toston school districts merged in 1966 Radersburg children attended school in Toston and the schoolhouse was closed.

In recent years, the Radersburg community has converted the historic Schoolhouse to a Community Center. One of the rooms servers as a meeting room for the local residents (and a restaurant during the Radersburg Days celebration) while the other is a small museum dedicated to the memory of the schoolhouse.

In 2014, the Radersburg Days celebrated the dedication of the Methodist Church in 1914 by Brother Van Orsdell, a current rider (traveling minister). Brother Van (as he was known in Montana) was well known throughout Western Montana and travelled to Radersburg to for the dedication of the Radersburg Methodist Church in 1914.

Radersburg is celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017. The Radersburg Historical Preservation Society (RHPI) is planning a huge celebration with Food, Vendors, Exhibitions, Music and Children's activities. In honor of the Radersburg anniversary, the Broadwater County Museum has designated 2017 as a summer of recognition of  Radersburg with a dedicated Radersburg display for the entire summer. The display features historic pictures of Radersburg and a continuous running video featuring Radersburg.

The 2017 Opening of the Broadwater County Museum featured speaker Harla Gillespie presenting a history of Radersburg. To read a transcript of Harla's speech click on Harla Gillespie presentation.

To learn more about Radersburg and about Radersburg Historical Preservation, Inc. and their efforts to restore and preserve Historic Radersburg click on the RHPI website.

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